June 2017

4th June    Pentecost       Acts 2 v. 1-4

After Jesus had risen from the dead, He was seen by many people at different times and in different places. Forty days later, the disciples watched as He as He ascended into heaven.  They were told to wait I Jerusalem for the Holy Spirit to come.  They spent much time in prayer.  After ten days the Holy Spirit did come in a dramatic way.  Try to read the whole story from Acts 2 v. 1-21.  The Holy Spirit gave them all special  gifts so that they could continue the work Jesus had given them to do - to tell the world about Him.  The Holy Spirit still gives us toda - love, kindness, patience, etc..

What gifts have you been given?  How can you use them for Jesus today?


11th June        Trinity Sunday        Matthew 28 v. 16-end  

Before Jesus returned to heaven at His Ascension, He commanded the disciples to tell the world what God has done for us all.  The Three Persons of the Trinity are mentioned in this passage  -  Father Son and Holy Spirit.  They are not three gods, but three ways in which the one God reveals Himself to us-

God as Creator and Provider,

Jesus the Son - our Saviour through His death an resurrection

Holy Spirit - the power and guidance God gives us continually.

No-one can understand the Trinity but we can experience God in our lives  How do you experience God?. Ask God to continue to reveal Himself to you in other ways.


18th June      Trinity 1      Matthew 9 v. 35-38

Jesus taught His disciples to reach out to people with God's love.   He commanded them to continue to do that after He had returned to Heaven.  The same command stands for us today - we are to be His labourers in our world.  We are to reach out to people in whatever way they need

They might be ill, hungry, homeless, rejected  or hurt.  It is up to us to extend God's love to them.  Think - " Everyone I meet today is a child of God whether they know it or not.  How can I show them God's love?


25th June         Trinity 2   Matthew 10 v, 29-31

This is a well-known saying, but what did Jesus mean?  Sparrows are small, insignificant- looking birds, yet Jesus loves and cares for each one.  God created each of us in His own image, came to earth to die for us.  He loves each of us as if there were only one of us in the world and He cares about us, even when we forget HIm and feel He is far away.  When things are hard, we must remember those words of Jesus and turn to God for help.

Pray for someone who seems to be finding life hard or who has lost hope.  Remember in your own hard times, just how much God loves and cares for you and turn to Him



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