April 2020



 5th April                            Palm Sunday                      Matthew 21v 1-11

Jesus had told many parables during His Ministry.  Now, at the beginning of His last week on earth, He told another but not in words this time.  He acted out the parable.  He rode into Jerusalem on a donkey rather than a horse to make it clear that He was not the military Messiah the Jews had been expecting.  They believed the Messiah would be a leader like King David of old, who would lead anarmy to drive out the occupying Romans from their country.  Jesus came humbly and in peace to herald a reign of love.  Love is stronger than war.


How can we act out what we believe by living lives of love?



12th April                                 Easter Day                    Matthew 28 v,1-10

The wonder and joy of the Resurrection really only makes sense if it is linked to the account of Jesus' crucifixion,  If you didn't do it on Good Friday, do try to make time to read Matthew 27 v.45-50 &54.  It ends with the words of a Roman soldier standing at the foot of the cross - “ Truly this was the Son of God”  That soldier had officiated at many crucifixions and knew death when he saw it.  Jesus died for our sins  -  all of us.  That wonderful fact explains why Easter day is the most special day in the  Christian Year.  We rejoice that Jesus died and rose again for each one of us.  God really does love us that much.  Alleluiah!!


 What is our responce to the good news of the Resurrection?


19th April                              Easter2                          John 20 v. 19-end     (  If you can find a way of  shortening it – do!! )

When Thomas had returned to his friends, they told him the extraordinary story that Jesus, who had died  and was buried had visited them  -  alive!  He didn't believe them.  Let's be honest, would we have believed a story like that?  A week later, when all the disciples were together, Jesus appeared again.   How did Thomas feel, I wonder  embarrassed?  Ashamed?  However, he made no excuses for his previous lack of faith.  He paid homage to Jesus, acknowledging Him as Lord and God.

Faith comes to us all in in different ways.  The important thing is. When we come to faith, to rejoice in it and nurture it, so that it deepens and grows


What can we do to nurture are faith and help our relationship with God to deepen?


26th April                          Easter 3                      Luke 24 v. 13 – 32

This is a long but beautiful story about the Risen Jesus making himself knownin a different way.  We don't know why, but Jesus wanted to reveal Himself to them slowly  -  gradually.  It wasn't until He broke bread, as they had seen Him do at each meal they had shared with them, that they recognised Him.  Then He left them. Jesus still reveals Himself to us at different times and in various ways.  Sometimes we don't see Him at first but He has promised to be with us always, “even to the end of the world.”   Knowing this, we can learn to keep our eyes and ears open to see signs of His presence

Have you been able to see signs of Jesus in the midst of the pain and confusion of the Coronavirus? 


In what ways is He revealing Himself to you and those around you. Even in these troubled times.



 Jesus is alive!   He lives with us for evermore!

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