Christenings at St Margaret's


We offer a variety of services to parents who live within our parish [geographical area] and who would like a Christening of their child at St Margaret’s Church. Where the child lives outside the parish, unless the family are regular worshippers at St Margaret’s Church, we will refer them to their local church, for Christenings are the basis of a relationship between a family and their church and God.


Children can be blessed and dedicated to God at St Margaret’s. In this service the child is given their name before God and blessed, and the parents and godparents make a commitment to their child to care for them and to love them. This service takes place on specific Sundays each year at 11.30am. (Due to other commitments we are unable to offer this service every Sunday.)


Where the parents wish to make a commitment, which includes a commitment to actively worship God as part of the church and to give time to God and bringing their child up in full knowledge of the Christian faith and as a worshipping member of a Christian community, a service of Baptism is offered. In the New Testament, Baptism was freely bestowed as a response to a person’s conversion to Christianity; we therefore place a value upon Baptism. Baptism therefore takes place within the context of our Sunday Eucharist at 10am


Either of these services mark the start of a Spiritual journey of faith. More details are available when a decision is reached as to which service suits the parents best of all.


Initial contact is with our Rector (please telephone, as it is very long-winded to arrange a date and time to meet via e-mail), who will come and visit each family, explain the options available and talk in more detail about what each entails, before a decision is made by the parents.

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