Singing in St Margaret's

With the easing of the Coronavirus restrictions, the government has decided to limit amateur choirs to a maximum of 6 adults.


Despite the facts that our large church was well aired, the doors kept open during services and the choir followed social distancing regulations and wore facemasks we are unable to have a choir of more than 6. However, 6 from our choir in our large church will not be heard by everybody unless we move closely forward, which means we will be unable to be socially distanced.


It is therefore with the greatest of sadness that we have taken the decision to temporarily stop singing at our services.


As the majority of ‘amateur choirs’ are in churches we perceive this as religious discrimination.


Please write to your MP and ask them to raise this with the Prime Minister. You can write to them using this address:

Name of your MP

House of Commons




Or e-mail them:


Please also ‘sign’ the on-line petition, which can be found here (you will need to press ‘ctrl’ and click on the link, or press ‘ctrl’ and your space bar):


Thank you for doing so and supporting our choir and enabling worship to return to how it was before the previous easing of lockdown restrictions

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