Funerals & Burials

Funerals at St Margaret's

Almost 100 funerals are conducted by St. Margaret's during each year, so we are very experienced and act with sensitivity & compassion. The initial contact is made by the local Funeral Directors to the Rector. Information is passed by him to one of the team, who then contacts the family to arrange a visit. Most visits to meet the family and prepare the funeral last about one hour.

St. Margaret's has a Bereavement Visitors Group who, between them, do a follow-up visit to each bereaved family. Occasionally there is a need for further visits or phone calls where a family member requires more support.

Each October a Memorial Service is held at St. Margaret's and invitations are sent to all families who have been bereaved during the year. 


Burials at St Margaret’s

St Margaret’s churchyard was closed for new burials last century. However, if the grave has been designated as a double grave, then the surviving relative may still be buried with their loved one.

St Margaret’s is able to bury cremated remains of people. This is in a specified area within the churchyard. Due to the nature of the area, and that loved ones’ ashes are buried across the whole area, we are unable to allow memorial plaques or any other tributes within this area. Further details are available.

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