Mothers' Union


Mothers’ Union is a worldwide Christian organisation that has been supporting families worldwide for over 140 years. It was founded in 1876 by Mary Sumner in her local parish but has since grown into an internationally recognised charity with over 4 million members in 84 countries. 

As a Christian organisation, Mothers' Union demonstrate their faith through direct action, working together towards stopping poverty, inequality and injustice. United in their focus and objective, they bring hope, prayer and practical support to millions of people every year through various support programmes, policy and prayer; thus enabling Mothers’ Union members around the world to help make a difference and change lives, as well as bring Christ’s hope to a growing number of people.


In our own branch, here in Lowestoft, we meet monthly in St. Margaret’s Church Centre. The meetings start with simple service of worship & hymns, followed by a speaker and refreshments. Some of the varied talks we've enjoyed include, Poetry for Praise, Piety & Pleasure, Marriage, Flower Arranging as well as anecdotes. We also undertake an array of differing projects, some of which are set by the Diocese and others by our own branch. We always try to keep abreast of the many challenges facing families today; providing a supportive network for one another, within the community and wider afield. 

Members can be proud that they belong to an organisation with a long tradition; one which has existed in our church for over a hundred years - developing and diversifying throughout the decades to embrace and reflect the changing world in which we live. We regularly fundraise to support branches overseas for training in literacy, agriculture, childcare, health issues and immediate relief in areas of disaster. 

Despite our name, we are an inclusive organisation and anyone is welcome to join, as long as they have been baptised and support the aims and objectives of Mothers' Union. As a worldwide organisation, Mothers' Union is proud to have a growing number of men who have joined us. 


We asked our members what they thought was the most important aspect of Mothers' Union, here is what they had to say:

  • Working as a worldwide support group of marriage & family life
  • Good Christian fellowship
  • Talks about the work of M.U.
  • Friendship and company
  • Variety of its meetings and speakers
  • Meeting together
  • Even if not active, support for aims can be given through prayer and fundraising
  • Fellowship and helping all
  • The friendliness of all the ladies
  • Fellowship with other Christians
  • Supporting and encouraging marriage
  • We support each other in good times and bad – we pray together
  • Fellowship and fundraising – helping overseas branches


We meet at St. Margaret's Church Centre, on the first Wednesday of each month at 2pm, and look forward to extending a warm welcome to you at one of our meetings. 


As we continue to work in an ever-challenging world, why not join us in our journey to be part of something worthwhile. It is through our own small actions, each one of us can make a difference to people's lives and the world in which we live. 


Mother's Union Secretary - Lowestoft:  Mr. John Worsfold (tel. 01502 583554)



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